JOIDART Since 1981, Joidart merges creativity, contemporary crafts and jewelry to shape character through pieces that speak the language of femininity, inspired by real women. Joidart designs find balance in simplicity, in fresh, gestural lines, in the aesthetics of detail. So each woman can experience them in complete freedom, and make them her own from the very first moment. Silver is reinvented in lines, colors and reliefs that gain force with movement. In our work-shop we use the technique of lost wax to shape pieces of silver that will be covered later with a touch of polish or given a proper finish: rust, glossy, striped hand painted ... The result is a perfect jewelry balance between modernity and tradition evidenced in small works of art. The line will be updated seasonally.

Metals: Sterling silver, gold plated brass, rhodium plated sterling silver, ruthenium plated sterling silver, enamel, crystals, pearls, sandstone, colored seed beads and hand blown Murano glass beads.

Shipping time: 8 weeks

joid¹art bracelets joid¹art bracelets